Wednesday, February 11, 2015

He and me

I don't have time for him. Life is too busy. Me, my family, my work is enough of a preoccupation to be thinking about him. But today was a little unusual.

Luckily, I got one such sleepy, slow, drowsy day. I thought park bench was a good place to spend some quality time doing nothing and introspecting about "my" life. A happy couple with their young daughter happened to pass by. Just like my family. The kid saw a nariyalpaani walah and got instantly thirsty like my son would. and like I would, her father queried price of the coconut water.

I couldn't hear the number, but it was, as expected, higher than his expectations. Still he bought one for his daughter. As he was about to pay for the prize of his little daughter's satisfaction, someone emerged from the corner.

A beggar, girl same age as his daughter or my son, pleading for some money. He thought for a moment. Expression suggested beggar girl was a pest, but the girl, expert at her trade, didn't budge, stood firm next to his daughter pleading. He thought for a quick moment, asked the girl to follow him to the next chaat stall and paid something to the owner to feed the girl.

As he was doing so another girl emerged. Little shy, probably not as practiced as the first one, but he paid for her too. He walked back to his family ensuring that two young beggars stood far away feasting on their chaat. I am sure he felt happy that he helped and I would too.

Family went their way and so did those girls. That's when he tapped on my shoulder. I had almost forgotten about him. As usual, uninvited he sat next to me and asked me in his signature style. so what's going to happen to those two beggar girls? I didn't have an answer. whatever, who cares? Its a country of 1.2 billion who gives a fuck?

He broke the silence. Maybe they will get to 11 before some street mafiya picks them up and sells them to a brothel, After that they would be a living body with scarred mind and dead heart. Till then they will be used as money churning begging machines. If they are lucky, on some days, they will get a feed. Things that are necessities for your son, a park, a good meal everyday are not even in luxury spectrum for them. seriously who should give a fuck? you just let two young lives rot in front of your eyes. You didn't do a thing?

What could I do? I snapped back. That is for you to answer my friend, he replied. If you wish everything if you don't, nothing, choice is yours.

Needless to say, I opted later, I was getting late anyway. Slow, sleepy, drowsy day was over and I had to get back to my life.

I hate him, but I love him too. He is me and I am him. Only when he makes so much sense, I don't seem to get him.

Adios my friend, Don't come back soon. It pains..

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